Ramblings of a defeated and humiliated seeker

This is all about one thing, and the one Thing is that there is only One thing, whether it
is called Consciousness, Oneness, the Absolute, Unicity, the Tao, God, or It; "It" is all that
there is.
There is nothing that is not consciousness, there is no "notGod" and there
is an absence of anything and anyone that is not It.
This viewpoint, sometimes called
Open Secret, is the basis of all true Religious and Spiritual origin, yet is almost always
through interpretation, translation, and re-communication by those who have missed
the essence of what the Originators were expressing, which was that everything and
is It. Even the missing of It is It missing It.

This may all seem very radical and way too simple, yet, there is nothing more radical than
the abundance of outrageous beliefs about what, and how It is, and there is nothing more
simple than this all being It. So then, what in Nonotgod's name is this all about? Let's
start at the beginning.

are apparently born out of and into undifferentiated oneness, and for the first few
months of our lives d
o not know that we are not It. We do not think that the people
and things around us
are separate from us until we get the silly idea that we are separate
from them. We
are given a name and attributes that are directed at us, In Particular, which
ads us to begin to think that we are someone, In Particular. The essence of our first
separation thinking
is that, " I Am, but I am not It." Then we are, as they say, "Off to the
races." The rest of our lives are spent, in one way or another, seeking to get It back. What
is endlessly amusing is that It never leaves. It goes into hiding! How else is It going to play
with itself? And remember, You are It, It is You, so the game is
you playing with yourself,
even though your mother warned you against such vulgar activity. It's a game of "Hide and
Seek" where It is both hider and seeker, and it's a game of "Tag" where It is both It and Not
It. There is nothing more fun! Unless we are someone, In Particular, who wants to prevail,
and even so, It is constantly having fun. So, you ask, how could This be constantly fun
when I, In Particular, am not having it? The bottom line is that
there is no you, In
. There is only the One, in general, appearing as two. In other words, there is no
one to not have fun, or unfun requires someone, In Particular, to have it, and there is no
one In Particular, so there is no unfun.

(What's that you say? Alright, now you are just being rude, and you leave my mother out
of this, and the part about going to Hell just reminded me of the next subject. Hell.) You
ask, "What
in Hell is happening here?" Well, in Hell is happening here. So, what the Hell?
This is all just for the Hell of it anyway. What is Hell-acious and ultimately Hell-arious is our
being Hell-bent on remaining Hell-bound. Hell-oooo! Oh, by the way, Hell (Notgod) is just
Heaven (God)
Hell-ucinating (Notgoding). Hell-elujah! It's a Heaven of a deal.

I would like to start by disclaiming anything in relation to myself, In Particular. I have not
ascended, evolved, progressed, or become anyone who is generally considered to be
Spiritually Developed. Quite the contrary. I have descended, devolved, regressed, and It
has all been quite unbecoming. I have figuratively, and in some ways literally, lost
everything in exchange for Nothing (but, According to the Gospel of Luke
*, "Sometimes
Nothing is just a real cool hand."). I am not an awakened person, a conscious being, or
an Enlightened entity. I do not possess something that you lack, so the only possibility is
that I lack something that you possess. (OK, I heard that.) I do not believe that what I am
saying is "The Truth," but the dis-process of negation has left no one to doubt the validity
of what is being said. I will not be saying anything more about myself, In Particular,
because there isn't one. Please, disregard the messenger and just re-consider the message.
*From the movie "Cool Hand Luke."                            

Explanatory Notes
If this all seems a bit confusing, it is because it starts at the end and circles backwards,
so please bear with. It may all come together and make perfect sense, like something that
has always been known and forgotten...or Not. What is important to keep in mind is that
it doesn't matter. There is nothing here that will benefit you, or be of an advantage
to you,
In Particular.

This may all sound like a lot of Double-Talk, because it is. In the impersonal, non-
particular experiencing of the universe, the Positive is replaced by what is called the Double
Negative, or, everything positive is redefined to be the absence of its Negative. Good is the
absence of Bad, Yes is No No, Joy is the absence of all that is not Joy, and God is No
Notgod. The reason is that
Liberation, which is what this is all about, is only possible in
the absence of the Negative, which can only occur in the absence of Someone In Particular.
(Absence and Someone In Particular are a double negative because there is
No-one In

3) We live in what is sometimes called the World of Appearance. The One (no Two) is
appearing as everything and everyone, so if the word "apparent" were always used where
appropriate within this text, it would apparently be an apparent pain in the apparent ass,
so please, apparently insert where apparently necessary.

The "Who" Test
Anytime you can ask, "Who?" there are Two and there aren't. Anytime you can
ask, "Who?" there is a yourself and there isn't, so the answer is always, "No-one."

                                               The Ramble
This writing is what may be called a participation in the communication of Consciousness by
Itself, to Itself, about Itself. It cannot be seen when looked
for, heard when listened for, or
felt when groped for, being that It is the Looker, Listener, and Groper. It is the Subject and
we are the apparent Object, and the Object cannot see the Subject in the same way that a
shadow cannot see its source. It is what is behind us, not in direction, but as in being
Animated, puppeted, or goosed.
It is also no distance from us because it is us. We
become what we already are. There is no one who is closer to or farther from
it, there is no one who is more or less of it, and (Brace yourself Betty Lou*) there is no
one who is better off or worse off in it. It just really, really appears that way. There is a
perfectly good explanation to come.
*"Brace yourself Betty Lou" is the punch line for the joke, "What is foreplay to a cowboy?"

So then, Who is better off or worse off? No-one. Who is closer to or farther away? No-one.
Who is more or less of it? No-one. Who is more or less joyful? No-one. Who is more or less
liberated? No-one. And, Who wakes up? No-one.
Someone does not wake up,
No-one (It) does.

The Dreamer of the Dream (No-one) wakes up from the Dream. The Dreamt Entity
(Someone) does not wake up...except
in the Dream, and it is being dreamt. It is a dreamt
awakening, thus it falls under the laws of the Dream, which include Duality (Suffering),
Separation (Bondage), and Confusion (Confusion).

Some apparent contrasts are:

Waking up in the Dream
(apparently)     Awakening from the Dream (Absolute-ly)   

        "I did it My Way" by Frank Sinatra ......"Return to Sender" by Elvis Presley

Seeking to liberate ourselves or wake up is on behalf of the Dreamt Entity. It is not possible
to seek Awakening from the Dream because we cannot seek something that does not
include us. Even seeking our own absence (No Seeker) requires our presence (Seeker).
All practices, efforts or strategies for change tend to Perpetuate the Dream. They
reinforce our feeling of being someone, in particular, who could, should, or if conditions
were favorable, would make this thing fly right, but half the time the damn thing goes left.
It appears to be out of control, and our efforts to get it under control only serve to keep it
that way. We could do Nothing but that is as much a strategy as doing Something. We
could clear our minds or become more mindful, but they cancel each other out. We could
remember stuff but we usually forget to do that. We could... Wait a minute, who would do
these things? No-one. Who would benefit if we did? No-one. And, who needs it to change
anyway? No-one. What a relief, huh? But wait another minute, who is relieved _______!

I am aware that there are a lot of statements being made and concepts floated that are a
bit, let's say, "controversial," but there is a Divine Plan here that is being revealed to me by
God (Oops, excuse me, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). Kidding!

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