So, ultimately, our dilemma is wanting to have our cake and eat it too. We want liberation
and we want to personally experience it, not realizing that our
wanting a personal
experience to be one way in particular
is what bondage is. Why? Because it could always
be the other way, and is.

"It," as well as being a good name for
"It", is an acronym for Infinite Twotality (new word),
and the Christ/Cross metaphor is a good symbol. Christ, which actually means "man," is
suspended in the middle of the cross with the Vertical support going down into the ground,
leaving no beginning or end in sight, and Man is looking up into space where, again, there is
no beginning or end. Thus, the vertical has
No Two ends (Infinite). The Horizontal support
is Two-sided and the two sides are equal (Twotality). So, the metaphor is that
Man is
centered in the vertical and stretched between the two sides, producing apparent
Now, superimpose an upside-down Pendulum (Metronome) in front of the cross
with its base on the ground and its arm swinging between the two sides and...
Voilà! Life as
it is. And, It is absolute-ly impossible for the arm to not swing equally to both sides. The
only variable is intensity.

Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Pleasure/Pain, Love/Fear, Heaven/Hell,
God/Notgod, and every other pair of opposites require each other
for their very existence. In Buddhist doctrine this is called Mutual
Arising, or Dependent Origination, where the apparent two sides
arise mutually, and their origin is dependent on the other. Let's
put all the Good/Love, stuff on the left and call it
Yahoo, and
put the Bad/Fear stuff on the right and call it
Boohoo. (Gosh,
I wonder why George W. just came to mind?) Now, if we were
to look at the Pendulum from the base (the Source of the
Seeing) we would see that the apparent Two sides are circling
in opposition to each other. Yahoo comes around and is in the
foreground, while Boohoo goes around to the other side and
acts as its backdrop. Then Boohoo comes to the front and
Yahoo is the backdrop, and around, and around, and around
"It" goes. It is dancing around having a grand old time, while
we are in the corner up-chucking a lifetime of Communion wafers.
Fortunately, (absence of unfortunate) we actually are the Dancer.

As a point of clarification, there is not something other than us experiencing us having
experiences. That would be Two, and there aren't. We are It. This point is nicely expressed
in a quote from Dostoevsky's "
The Possessed."

"Man is unhappy because he doesn't know he's happy. It's only that. That's all, that's all!
If anyone finds out he'll become happy at once, that minute....It's all good. I discovered it
all of a sudden."
"And if anyone dies of hunger," [asks Stavrogin], "and if anyone insults and outrages the
little girl, is that good?"
"Yes! And if anyone blows his brains out for the baby, that's good too. And if anyone
doesn't, that's good too. It's all good, all. It's good for all those who know that it's all good.
If they knew that it was good for them, it would be good for them, but as long as they
don't know it's good for them, it will be bad for them. That's the whole idea, the whole of it!"

Now let's return to the Outrageous Statement that there is no one who is better or worse
off in this world of appearance. The key is in the "Three." In the West it is sometimes
referred to as the Triad or the Trinity, and in the East, the Law of Three. Simply, it means
that two apparent opposing sides are circling and a neutral source is at the base, which
when seen as a whole, forms a cone. So, in a way, it takes three to make two into one.
Please keep the cone in mind for the following.

The Sun is very large, very important, and very far away. The Moon
is pretty large, pretty important and pretty far away. Now imagine a
solar eclipse where the Moon passes in front of the Sun and seems
to be the same size (very convenient). Take a common penny and
hold it at about arm's length in front of the eclipse and it also
appears to be about the same size, even though it is very small,
very unimportant and very close. From the source of the seeing,
they are the same (size).

Now, in the same way, think of ourselves as expandable hot air
balloons. If there is no hot air in our balloon, it has no size and
stays on the ground, which is the source. As our balloon begins
to fill with hot air, it becomes larger and lifts off the ground. The
more hot air, the larger it gets, and farther it rises. The hot air
is our self-investment, self-importance, and self-obsession, and
the bigger we get, the farther away we are from the source,
and the more fear we have of losing ourself and falling.

The larger and farther away we are, the more separation and
isolation (not to mention the cold, thin air) we feel, and the more
we need to perpetuate ourselves to compensate. The more we
perpetuate ourselves, the bigger we get and the farther away
we are, and on, and on, and on. But again, from the Source
of the seeing, all the balloons are the same (size). "It is easier
for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a
rich (large balloon) man to enter the kingdom of heaven."

Oh-oh...the balloon has sprung a leak, and all the trying in the world is not going to
produce enough hot air to keep it from falling. Boohoo! But wait a minute. This doesn't
feel so much like a fall from Grace, but a fall into Grace. Could it be? Is it possible? Is it
all Grace? Yes It is! Yahoo!

If we take the cone and slice it 6.5 billion times, we are each a sliver different only in size
and distance from the source, even though the apparent differences are huge. If the One
were separate (which It isn't) and had a message for us (which It doesn't) it would be,
"It's all the same to me." It only appears different to us, and there aren't any.

It is all completely balanced (no imbalance) in every way, from apparent start to finish,
from side to side, and from top to bottom. It is balanced as a whole, and every part
therein, as in, "As above, so below." Those on the left who we consider to be better off
and living a Yahoo life are simply a large sliver with a large pendulum and a large cross
(to bear) within a large balloon, far from the Source, with more to lose and more fear as a
result. Those on the right who we consider to be worse off and living a Boohoo life are a
small sliver with a small pendulum and a small cross (to bear) within a small balloon, closer
to the Source, with less to lose, less fear, and no where (now here) to fall.
"It" is total, complete and full
100% and we with our split-mind, that divides everything
in half, are
50% & 50%, which still equals 100%. Even our efforts to reach 51%-49%
are futile because each side must be equal in the equation. If it were unequal, there would
be two (multiple) variations and there aren't. There is only the "One."

Did I just hear someone cry "uncle?" Had enough of this crap? Good, then let's move on.

We are discussing a subject that cannot be intellectually known, understood, or grocked.
But, when "It"
stops, some sort of mysterious, intuitive, doubtless, sameness prevails.
(There are no words to describe this, because our descriptive words require an opposite,
and there isn't one. The closest may be "Extraordinary", because it is both "Extraordinary"
and "Extra-Ordinary.") It has constantly been here but veiled by a Personal Mask. This
stoppage occurs when the Disappointment, Humiliation, and Hopelessness is so total,  
complete and full that it un-transcends itself back into itself leaving only "No One" (It).

We cannot do anything to bring it about or to stop it once it is happening. It even has
nothing In Particular to do with spirituality because it is all spiritual (No Not Spiritual). It
is also all miraculous, all Love, and all compassion. There are no conditions of any kind
necessary, nowhere to go, and nothing to become. Why? Because,
"This is It."   

                      (Including quotes, stories and corny jokes)

This will be a combination of comments and questions from this web site as well as
individual and group encounters. Incoming questions and comments will be in italics.
Outgoing responses will be in regular typeface.

This "Thing" that you wrote has blown my mind, and I'm not sure it's in a good way.
There is some sort of recognition, and there is also fear and helplessness. Help!

Our separateness, stopping, here and now, is our greatest desire and our worst fear. We
want it to stop as in, "Suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,"
(Shakespeare), and don't want it to stop as in: Dying (everyone/No One).
Liberation and
Dying are the same. This stopping, here and now.
So, no wonder it is so traumatic.
But why not get it over with, so that when apparently dying apparently happens, it is an
already done deal? And, while we're at it, why not do away with our loved ones, so that
their apparent demise is also a current event, now? Why not? We can't. Who would do it?
No one. I am not suggesting a dulling down or covering up to avoid pain. It never works.
But, when everything is current, and there is no other time for it, there is no one for it to
happen to. It is wonderfully mysterious. No one is doing any of this, and No one (It) is
doing all of this.

There is a part of your comment that was quite revealing, "There is some sort of
recognition," not, "I had some sort of recognition." The recognition of "This" does not come
to us in particular. It recognizes itself, in our absence (stopping). The mirror is clear.

How do we stop?

We can't stop. We don't need to stop. Our stopping would indicate that there was someone
in particular who started, and there wasn't.
"Stop" happens. It isn't volitional, and it isn't
voluntary. That would indicate that there is someone to volunteer. "Stop" happens when
we (being It) have had quite enough of our
separate selves, thank you.

You say, "This is It," so what about That?

That is also It, and that is the apparent problem. That, which is an Alternate This, or an
alternative to this, is what limits this. That is what creates the "Limited Edition" that we call
our life. That is the problem, because it is plural, as in That which we avoid and reject, and
That which we seek and pursue. They require each other. I use the word "Aveeking"
(combination of Avoiding and Seeking) because Avoiding is the impetus for Seeking.

There is no Seeking without avoiding, and there is no avoiding without seeking. They occur
together. "That," also, never occurs now, while This always does. Ultimately, That never
occurs at all, except in potential in our minds, which aren't even ours. "It" is minding the
store, and It seldom minds us.

There is also no running towards something positive in our field of vision, without running
away from something negative in our rear view mirror. When we stop running, our life
rear-ends us, and it can be a bit of a jolt. But, the end result is nothing positive or negative
except in appearance,
in either direction. It is neutral, which is what It is, constantly.

Awakening has to be better.

Sorry, but No. Someone apparently waking up in the dream, may appear to be better off,
but their better-offness must contain worse-offness in the equation, equally.
No One
Awakening from the dream will have advantages and benefits, but there is an
inversely proportional disappearance of the Someone who takes advantage or
reaps the benefits.
The mathematical formula will always equal Zero.

The ocean is a good metaphor, where wave peaks always equal wave troughs. Even rogue
waves, like Jesus and Elvis, had real big troughs. Surfing is another good metaphor,
because the ideal place to ride is in the middle. If you are too high on the wave, you go too
fast and end up in the trough. If you are too low, you go too slow, and the peak breaks
over you.

Also, there is constant pressure from above and below (gravity and water pressure) to
flatten the ocean out (Vertical) and constant pressure from side to side (wind and currents)
to stir it up (Horizontal). It is the same with us, a constant pressure to bring us down if we
get too big, and to bring us up (from the depths) if we get too deep. Sometimes the
woe-is-me, Boohoo, Victim us is just as inflated with hot air. It all ends up on the "Flat Line"

"This Thing" is not very user friendly. I am not finding any ammunition to add to my
arsenal of Spiritual Concepts to fight life. I am pissed off, Not.

Good one. Thanks.

Is this what is referred to as non-duality?


I am having major difficulties with This. Where is the fucking Prize? My whole life has been
spent trying to win the fucking Prize.

Awakening (or death) is the Prize, but the damnedest thing happens. When we are on the
podium, and at the precise moment that the Presentation occurs, we disappear. But what is
recognized, seen, heard, intuitively known, or felt, by No-One, is that It is all the Prize.
is the Prize with no winner of It or in It. Winning is the absence of anyone (No One) to
lose, "Yahoonoboohoo."

Where does belief fit in?

Belief, Faith and Trust are the Counterpart for Doubt. To the extent that we Doubt, is the
extent to which we need Belief to counteract. Belief is the antidote for Doubt. Mother
Theresa was interviewed shortly before her death, and asked about her tremendous Belief,
Faith and Trust in god. Her response was, "I need it because I have so much Doubt." So,
why would we need to believe anything unless we doubted it?

Does the Doubt go away?

The "me" goes away. Whatever is in the program is just what is happening. Anything can
manifest in the appearance, which doesn't stop. There is just No-One to personally take
Delivery, or for it to register with as being "mine." Everything is just kind of free-floating,
with no ownership.

Consciousness is like the world's best method actor, whose job it is to become so
Identified with, and attached to It's character, that It forgets who It is. It's the game,
and there is no right or wrong in it.
Also, it is not that we remember who we are, It
forgets who it is not. This leads to a lot of confusion and consternation, because
we are waiting for something new to happen, when it is something old not
happening. It's immediate, when there is no waiting for something else.

Quote from Nisargadatta Maharaj: "All I can say is This is It. How to accept it is
beyond me, and I have no remedy for that."

Sometimes (maybe always), the seeing that "This is it," occurs when this particular This is
the least likely to be "It."

Alan Watts, in the book, This is It, said,

"Spiritual awakening is the difficult process whereby the increasing realization that
everything is as wrong as it can be flips suddenly into the realization that everything is as
right as it can be. Or better, everything is as It as it can be."

I would like to make one clarification. If it is as wrong as it can be, and it swings to as right
as it can be, it must swing back. What is happening is that it is as wrong as it can be, and
then it isn't...wrong, and the relief (to no one) is
just right. And, the seeing of it is It.          

I would like to discuss a couple of topics that are getting a lot of attention. The most
resistance is to the "Balance Factor." How could it be that (insert your worst-case scenario)
is balanced with (insert your best-case scenario)? There are mitigating factors at work in all
situations. The Positive moves us up the cone, farther from the Source, and the Negative
moves us down, closer to the S
ource. The closer we are to the Source, the less of us
there is, and the more we actually are the Source. It takes over in our
There is no one left to be in opposition, and suffering is opposition, which
requires two and there aren't. So then, where is the suffering? Who has it? No One. No One
(It) is suffering, and No One (It) cares.

War is a pretty dramatic circumstance, especially if you are in it. I remember seeing
pictures of 100-year-old World War I veterans, on Memorial Day, in their uniforms, with
tears running down their cheeks, and saluting.  Even after 80 years, they were still reliving
and craving that intensity and excitement. Being in a wet, cold, stinky, miserable trench,
and knowing that your job was to stick your head up and shoot at someone who was quite
possibly aiming back, directly at your nose. Now that is Intense Excitement. Excitement and
Fear (they require each other) are major co-conspirators in our lives, and all Seekers (all
people, because all people are seekers), want an exciting outcome to this thing. 'Fess up.
But what if both excitement and fear were excused from class? Tough one, huh?
Fortunately, we don't get to choose.

Excitement and Fear equal Intensity. A Norwegian bachelor-farmer in Minnesota, listening to
Pork-Belly Futures, and a man hanging with one hand from a crag in the rock, 2,000 feet up
the face of El Captain at Yosemite National Park? Extreme, yes, but a good Pork Belly report
can be quite satisfying, while a fall might be a bit of a bummer.

I was in a group where I asked if anyone wanted to share (Oops, excuse me) their extreme,
balanced experiences. A woman related her semi-brutal rape. The group would not let her
explain. Everyone had their fingers in their ears saying, "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-
na. It was too far off the charts to consider. After the group disbursed, she confessed her
shame and guilt because of what she said was the most, "Other stately, other worldly,
other timely, and exciting" event in her life. "Out of control," she said, "and nothing in my
life ever compares."

But what about the mundane stuff? Homelessness? ("The son of Man hath no place to lay
his head," Jesus, I think.) Insanity? (Where does the insanity really lie?) Down and Out? (or
maybe it's Down and In?) Biting the Dust? (Humiliation, from the root word "Humus,"
meaning "dust.") All these things take us "spiraling down" the cone quite nicely, unless they
are used to inflate our balloon. Same thing, either way.

And, what is great, is that all this is being done with Nothing. Steven Hawking, the noted
physicist, determined that if we take all of the solid stuff in the universe and condense it
down by removing all the space, it would be a particle smaller than one-millionth the size of
an atom. To me, that's Nothing.

The other topic requesting discussion is, "Process." Is there a process in all this? No and
Yes. There is no process in this to this, or here to here, or now to now. But, there is an
apparent process/disprocess in the Journey (Round Trip) and Path (coming full circle).

There is a saying that seems to sum it all up,
"I am, I am not, therefore, I am." The
"I am," is our personal, separate development (illusion). "I am not," is the negation
(disillusion) of that personal, separate self. And, the final,
"I am," is...(Not describable,
communicable, or contemplate-able, because there is No One to do it. It's the end...of
something that never began, and the beginning of something that never ends. It is Life
(being) that requires Death (Not being) to "be," and it is Death (Not being) that requires
Life (being) to "Not be." "This is (all of) It," and It's as good as it gets. "Not bad," huh?

Who and where are you?

My name is Claude Larson, and I live in Sausalito, Marin County, Northern California.

What is your story?

My story is pretty much the same as all of them. The only difference might be that while
growing up, my father always told me that I wasn't going to amount to anything, so I didn't.

Are you a teacher?


Then what do you do?

I participate in the communication of Conscious by itself, to itself, about itself.

How do you do this?

I meet with individuals and groups.


Anywhere. (Have gun, will travel)

I still can't figure out what you do.

Nothing. There is Nothing (No One) to do, Nothing (No One) to learn, Nothing (No
to gain, and Nothing (No One) to become. When it is seen as such, then all that is
left is to celebrate...
Nothing Everythinging!

You said, "The closer we are to the Source, the less of us there is, and the more we
actually are the Source. It takes over in our disappearance." How can we be more of the
Source when It is all that there is, and how can it take over when It is, as you say,
"Minding the store?"

Absolute-ly right! I was just checking to see if you were paying attention.

Liberation is Liberation from all of the concepts that we think Liberation is, and personal
fulfillment is only the half of it.

Consciousness does not miss a trick when it comes to (Infinite) variation
(not variations) on
a (single) theme.

We Americans have quite a conflict with This being It, because of our extreme programming
of "That is It, and I can do it." It's the American Dream...which may well be the biggest
Nightmare that "It" has ever perpetuated upon itself, just for the Hell of it.

What about reincarnation, and all the beliefs about other lives?

Mankind has been trying to personalize eternity, forever.

If we think that the Past could have been other than what it was, the Present will be
inadequate, and the Future will have to be other than what it is going to be.

Where does all of this come from?

It is all over the place. It's expressly stated in Advaita Vedanta as One without a second,
No Two, or Non-duality. It is inferred in most Eastern systems, and pretty well hidden in
Western ways, even though Jesus basically said, "I am it, and you are as I am." Buddha
said, "Events happen, deeds are done, there is no individual doer thereof."  Lao Tzu said,
"The Tao is all that there is."

The message of "No Separation," when heard by "Someone, In Particular," will be translated
into a message of "Separation," which is when all Hell breaks loose.

"It" is constantly "exposing itself" to us, and we keep covering it up so it doesn't get

You seem to be saying that there is someplace better to be, and that, "I am not There."

If anyone ever indicates to you that you are not "there," politely suggest that they go do
something naughty to themselves. There is no "There" to become. Anyone who is trying to
lead you anywhere else, is leading you away (astray). It starts, proceeds, and stops here,
and every apparent part of It is as much It as All of It. So then, what you are actually
saying is, "I am not Here." But, then where in Hell are you? Because,
This is Heaven,
"Here." "That" is Hell "There,"
so, "I am not There," has a whole new meaning.

Continued on more-no-2           

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