What about reverence? You don't seem to have any.

There is "No One" to revere. We revere "It" in hopes that It will revere us, in return. Or, at
least show us that we personally exist. Fat chance.

We all want to play the best of ourselves, (like the Best of Saturday Night Live), but it is just
as much fun to play the worst of ourselves (Bloopers). If we were trying out for a Passion
Play, and had a choice between Judas and Jesus, which role would we choose? Judas is a real
spicy, gritty, complex role, and Jesus is a bit of a goody two-sandals. Also, in their final
actions, in relation to each other, Judas kissed Jesus on the cheek (a sign of Love), and
Jesus banished Judas (a sign of Fear). What's that all about?

Without Judas, there would be no Christianity, and without Christ, there would be no
Judaism. (wink)

What do you know about Death?

For the most part, that question fits under the category of, "I know what it is, but when you
ask me, I don't know." But there are a few things that can be said about "it."

We think that Death and Awakening are going to be the biggest change possible, the most
dramatic difference, and the ultimate other. Yet, in the case of both Death and Awakening,
there is no change, difference or other possible, because the apparent separation has
vanished, and there is "No One" for it to be of any difference to. The split-mind cannot even
begin to think about it, because it is not split-able.

So then, ultimately, there is no Death because there is no Birth. Who would have either?
Birth, Life, and Death require time and duration, and there aren't either of those.
No Time =
Same Time
, so if both Birth and Death occur at the Same Time, then when does a particular
life fit in? All that can be, is constant living, made possible by constant not-living as its
backdrop. "To be or not to be" is not the question, it is the answer. To be and not to be.

Why do you think that you are going to die, anyway? Is it because other apparent Dreamt
Entities apparently die? That is a lame argument based on purely circumstantial evidence, and
is completely unfounded.
The Dreamer of the Dream wakes up from the Dream of being
us, and we call that Death. How silly of us. There is nothing more alive.

We are like the bubbles that kids make. They float around, and eventually, pop, but nothing
has changed, except the minutely apparent, transparent encapsulation, which disappears.
The phenomenality, inside and outside, is not altered.

There is no duration. Everything comes out of this (Present), and flows in, apparently, two
directions, Past and Future.
The Past does not affect the Present, the Present creates
the Past
(and future). The wake of a boat (Past) has absolutely nothing to do with where the
boat goes, or if it stops or starts. The wake (Past), is created by the boat (Present). Also, no
one has ever been, "In the Present," but only in the most recent Past, and there isn't any. No
Past, no Present, No Future, no you, no me, No Nothing (everything)...No Shit. Just Timeless  
Eternal This.

Here is a quote from Wei Wu Wei.

"All so-called volition is a manifestation of the I-concept.
Who seeks enlightenment? As long
as it is sought under the compulsion of the I-concept how could it possibly be realized? On
the other hand, as soon as the I-concept disappears, it is seen to be there all the time.
the I-concept only wants pseudo-enlightenment, by which it can pose as a sage;
realization, involving its own liquidation, does not appear at all desirable, and it will
place every possible obstacle in the way.
This is the reason why any and every 'method,'
'discipline,' etc. subject to the I-concept, must be a path leading away from home. Since all
action that is not non-action, or, as we see it, spontaneous, is performed under the
compulsion of the I-concept - for there is no other 'actor,' that is no real 'actor' at all -
enlightenment or satori can only be the consequence of non-action."

Here is a quote from Skeeter.

"What ever happened to 'shit happens'?"

It's not "no pain, no gain," It's no gain-er, no pain-er.

I feel blessed by not needing to feel blessed.

It only takes One to Tango.

The first time that I read This, I felt a bit discombobulated. Then I read it out loud to a
friend, and something different happened. I was left feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. I
recommend reading it out loud. Now my friend is discombobulated.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the words. Like you said, something different happens,
and "out loud" may well do the trick, or not. Also, we cannot trick ourselves into "This".
"This" is already It.

Sometimes (maybe always) the seeing that this is it, occurs when this particular This is the
most likely to be it, and isn't.

One area of confusion for many is thinking that there is going to be a feeling of connection
to everyone and everything (connection requires two).
It is actually a non-feeling of
Also, it is not noticeable when occurring. It is only seen in retrospect when
the "me," catching wind of its own absence, returns with a case of the "screaming me-me's,"
to re-establish itself.

"This" is a no-brainer.

Our cry for help is, "I don't have '
It' in me to do that." "It" is not only in us, It is us. To do
That, or not to do That; who would do or not do either? Happening Happens, and there is
no Source (subject) of it because there is no receptor (object) of said Source (Two).

You have said, "Deep down inside." Where is "Deep down inside?"

It isn't actually "down." My feeling is that It is the Optic Nerve, where seeing is reversed. It,
seeing you, is reversed to It seeing Itself, seeing you.

Here is a quote from Alan Watts.

"For, contradictory as it may sound, it seems to me that the deepest spiritual experience can
arise only in moments of a selfishness so complete that it transcends itself, by 'the way down
and out,' which is perhaps why Jesus found the companionship of publicans and sinners
preferable to that of the righteous and respectable. It is a sort of first step to accept one's
own selfishness without the deception of trying to wish it were otherwise, for a man who is
not all of one piece is perpetually paralyzed by trying to go in two directions at once. As a
Turkish proverb puts it, 'He who sleeps on the floor will not fall out of bed.' And so, when
the  sinner realizes that even his repentance is sinful, he may perhaps for the first time 'come
to himself' and be whole."

Note: The first step and the last step are the same step, for there is only "One." Also, we
Western linealists see a spectrum with "This is It" at one end, and "That is It" at the other,
yet it is actually a circle, and there is a point on the circle where they both meet. It starts as
"This is It," goes full circle through "That is It," back to "This is It." Their meeting and mutual
cancellation, is an imperceptible "click."  

The actual meaning of the word "Sin," is to miss the mark. There is no right or wrong in it.

Here is a quote from Homer Simpson.

"Why do things that happen to stupid people keep happening to me?"

Pride and shame are another set of apparent opposites that require each other to

What are your criteria for a clear communicator?

Someone, who when saying, "This is It," is not, in any way, pointing at themselves in
particular. If there is even a pinkie pointing at their "Me," bid them adieu-doo.

The only legitimate answer to the question, "What is 'It' like?" is, "You tell me."

Seeking to awaken is a fatal attraction, a death wish, a morbid obsession.

"We are awake already, but this is not fully realized."


Separation is Depressing! End of subject...almost. Again, obsession will often keep it at bay.
Being obsessed with progress, movement, discovery, distraction, improvement, gain, etc. will
keep us pointing ahead, when it is actually here.

Like everything else, there is a balance in Depression. When it is total, complete and full,
there is
Nothing Else. "One" is immersed in "This," with no possible distraction to take "One"
away from "This." It may be as close as we, personally, ever get to Presence, even though
Presence is, what is, when we are, personally, absent. It is Marvel-less.

This is very disempowering.

It is Dis-empowering to the "me" that never had any, anyway.

Time "Must" go in both directions simultaneously, in order for it to meet, and stop, here.
Otherwise it would always be passing. This puts us (It) in an all-knowing situation. We know
the future because it already passed, and we know the past, because it is present. It all
happens now. There is

It is not that nothing matters. It is that there is Nothing...to matter or not matter. If it
matters, then it matters, and if it doesn't, then it doesn't.

Once it is seen (by No One) that Nothing Is, mattering... or not mattering; "It" becomes
the only thing that matters...even though it doesn't.

What about concepts like Karma, Destiny and Fate?

Karma is, "For every________, there is an equal and opposite_________." Destiny and Fate
require a pre-plan, and there is Nothing or No One to do that. "This" is Nothing
Everything-ing, constantly. There is no purpose or reason because "It" doesn't need one.

"Life is a mixed bag, six of one/half-a-dozen of the other," and my favorite, "Two sides
against the Middle"

We are not afraid of Death, but, we are a little iffy about the Dying part of it.

Here is a quote from "Gesture of Balance" by Tarthang Tulku.

"Student: It's as though you are saying that if a person were to become enlightened, he
would be disappointed."

"Rinpoche: Exactly. I think so. We are disappointed because our expectations are not
fulfilled. We have created and build up incredible fantasies - everything we could possibly
imagine or hope for - but the more we develop higher awareness, the more we realize that
these assumptions, dreams, and fantasies do not exist. Isn't it dangerous to throw away
our most cherished delusions? We may have been meditating one or two hours every day for
six or seven years, and thinking that we were gaining something, but now realize there is
nothing to gain. You might ask, 'Why should I bother meditating? If meditation is not of
benefit to my feelings, my perceptions, my bodily or mental condition, then what good is it?'"

"Student: So why do you teach meditation?"

The purpose of teaching is to give people disappointment. People need
disappointment! There is always disappointment if we expect something."

"Student: I
expect disappointment - I don't need that!"

"Rinpoche: That is the only way you can wake up. As soon as more disappointment comes,
you can wake up."

I think I am beginning to see how this thing works, but I can't put words to it.

It is kind of a "Mind Unwind." It takes our concepts, introduces their opposing partners,
and gives them equal status in the equation. When they are equal and balanced, they
automatically cancel each other out. We are being deconceptualized. In Advaita Vedanta
there is the metaphor that a concept is like a thorn that is stuck in our foot, and by using
the opposing concept (thorn), we dig it out and discard them both. When we no longer have
particular (one-sided) concepts, we are no longer particular, thus Liberated, even though
Liberation does not happen to anyone in particular. What is real-I-zed, is that there was
never anyone to be bound.

I recently heard a report on PBS about a guy who wanted to find the single most
extraordinary experience possible for a human being. After much contemplation, he decided
that it was a Blind person seeing for the first time. He started doing research and was,
needless to say, surprised  at the responses to this phenomenon. He said that of the 20
cases he studied, all went through various traumas upon being able to see. These responses
included attempted suicide, eye gouging, and depression. They were all disappointed at what
they saw, except one, and he was the only one who didn't care if he saw or not. He was just
fascinated. He said things like, "No one ever told me that some highway signs are above the
road, and not off to the side."

Liberation is the same way. Nineteen out of 20 will be disappointed, and return to the familiar,
comfortable darkness, and the One who
doesn't (see a difference), will see, and just be

Many years ago I read a statement by Albert Einstein, "It is all miraculous, or none of it is
miraculous." It immediately installed an all or nothing perspective. Either everyone is
Conscious, Enlightened, Liberated, etc. or "No One" is. "Everyone is 'It,' and 'No One' is 'It,'

We are not a part of it, or an aspect of it, we are all of it. It is not working through us, that is
the essence of arrogance. It is us-ing (using) us, and we, being It, are It using (us-ing) itself.

Life is like a potted plant. When it is new and fresh (childhood), there are few roots, and
most of the action is above ground. Then it becomes root-bound, and we begin a series of
re-plantings, each time to a slightly larger pot, and each time there is some relief until it
becomes root-bound again. We also start adding every plant food known to man, in hopes
that one will make the difference. When the futility of this activity is recognized, the
re-planting and feeding (frenzy) stops (being personal),  the pot disintegrates, and the roots
find their way into Mother Earth where there is an equal amount of subterranean and
above-ground action. "This" is what Liberation is.

What about higher states of consciousness? Is that what you are talking about?

Not really, No. There are apparent other states of consciousness, but there is no height
involved, and it is still "This" happening. Anything that is artificially induced, through practice
or procedure, becomes automatically bound by that method. If we think that we can
personally control our State of Consciousness, we have Re-Bound-ed.

What is being talked about here is what in Sanskrit, is called, "Amrut Laya," or, "The
Stateless State." It is what is, when we personally are not. It is what is, when we personally
stop, and it is happening much more often than we are aware. Stop happens between
breaths, between being awake and going to sleep at night, and between being asleep and
waking up in the morning. It happens between swings of the pendulum of opposites, and it
even stops between thoughts. And, again, we are unaware because there is "No One" for it
to register with.

The Seeking of It, and the avoiding of It, rules our lives, because It is about being "Out of
Control." We do not like being out of control, yet almost everything that we crave and desire
leads us there. "Orgasm," in its midst, there is no other possibility. "Hearty Laughter," we
disappear in it. "Sneeze," a brief respite. "Extreme Danger," we are single (One) minded.
"Falling in Love," just try to distract me.

We love being in love, because Love is what we actually are, yet being "separate" requires
that we fall out of love to see it. Ain't it Lovely (and perfectly balanced)? How would we know
Love, unless we know not-Love, and there is

So... why is "This" so hard to accept? ... Maybe it is because it is Impossible. "This" is
impossible to accept. "This" is "Unaccceptable". Acceptance is volitional, as in our accepting
something. Acceptance requires other, and there isn't. Acceptance is accepting one thing over
an other. Even accepting "This", as is, requires someone.

So... why is "This" so hard to believe? ... Because it is Impossible to believe "This".
This" is "Unbelievable". Believing is volitional as in our believing in something (other).

So...why is "This" so hard to imagine? ... Because it is unimaginable.

So...why is "This" so hard to fathom? ... Because it is unfathomable.

So...why is "This" so hard to get? ... Because it is ungetable. We can't get what we already

"This" is the only thing that is Knowable (no beliefs), verifiable, certain (no doubt), constant,
and ultimately (embarrassingly) obvious.

And, whether it Is or Isn't Seen or Not Seen, it is all the Full Mystical Experiencing of "This" by
No One.

Also, "This" is a "Dead End", and the Me does not want dead or end. It wants (seeks)
aliveness continuing. And, what is very cool, is when dead end is "what is". Then all that is left
is "Aliveness Continuing", with "No One" in particular wanting it or not; ... Liberation.


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